Stress on the world’s aquifers is critically high. But it’s not too late to recover!

The system has the potential to save billions of gallons a year.

The Problem

It’s no one’s fault, yet everyone’s responsibility: the world’s aquifers are in danger, and modern rural water management practices are a significant contributing factor.

Unlike connected metropolitan water systems, rural water systems tap directly into the aquifer beneath a water user’s land. Over-extraction damages and even collapses aquifers, yet most rural landowners lack the tools to know how much is too much. A lack of knowledge and the inability to work in harmony with others sharing an aquifer leads to depletion and, eventually, collapse.

Most of the world’s geography is rural. And 40 percent of the world’s population lives there. The scope of the problem is chilling, but at Lamarr, we’re excited to bring a disruptive and game-changing solution to market that can save the world’s aquifers.

Demand is growing fast!

By 2050, 57% of the global population will live in areas with water scarcity lasting one month each year or more. (source: UN 2018 WWDC)


By 2040, around 1.6 billion people will live in areas afflicted with aquifer collapse (subsidence) due to overexploitation. (source: Wired)


The solution gives everyone—including small farmers and rural residents—the power to reverse the trend, stop overexploitation, and recover the aquifer.

How Works to Save the Aquifer

We prevent water loss, which reduces the demand on aquifers.

Outdated, rural water systems lose water, plain and simple—usually, around 15% of all extracted water is lost due to leaks and other malfunctions. But technology can bring this number down significantly through quicker and more precise detection. If deployed throughout the Central Valley in California, the system would save billions of gallons per year!

We help water users moderate their extraction through water table visibility.

The main problem with ground well water extraction is that most users have no way to know when a well has run dry until it’s already done so—at which point the aquifer damage has already begun. Only the solution gives real-time visibility into groundwater levels, allowing users to pace extraction intelligently to prevent over-extraction and eventual subsidence.

We provide affordable technology that can deploy anywhere on the planet.

Our unique tech-forward approach combines low-cost IoT devices that operate over long-range, low-power networks and can be powered via solar. Purchase and deployment costs are drastically lower than legacy SCADA systems (which often cost 100 times as much). The result? Everyone on the planet can afford a system, and our solution works even where AC power and cellular connectivity don’t.

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