Water Management System

For years, rural water management systems have been expensive and labor-intensive. Most rely on SCADA, with complex installs and five-six-figure price tags that lockout homeowners and small farms. The meter.me system disrupts the status quo: No more SCADA, and in its place, meter.me provides cloud-based, reliable and remote visibility and monitoring of your entire water system. With the meter.me app, you receive proactive updates on your tank, flow meter, pump, and well— directly to your mobile device.

Simple, Intuitive Interface

Get real-time updates on every component of your water system — without trudging around your property to physically check gauges. The meter.me sytem shows you tank levels, flow levels, and even aquifer levels and well usage data.

With the meter.me system, You Can Save:


Optimizing your water usage and locating water loss faster


Showing you water usage data remotely so you don’t have to physically visit water infrastructure


Identifying water loss faster and locating it more precisely


Providing real-time data from in-well sensors on aquifer depletion and replenishment, allowing you to modulate usage to safe levels

With meter.me you can monitor tanks, wells, water meters, ponds, and more.





Robust and Flexible Technology Platform

We will happily provide everything you need for a comprehensive meter.me installation — at roughly 1/100th of the price of legacy SCADA systems. Our IoT technology operates over Long Range, Low Power networks, and communicates via the cloud. Best of all, meter.me is robust and flexible enough to accommodate existing tech you already have installed.

The First Device-Agnostic Solution
The meter.me base and cloud systems are device-agnostic: they can communicate with legacy equipment from brands such as Milesight, Strega, and Vega.

The meter.me solution is suitable for water systems anywhere on the globe and complies with all major water and communications regulations.

High-Tech System. Low (to No) Tech Requirements.

Connectivity and power are two of the most frustrating problems in rural water monitoring. We solved both of them.

– Connectivity: the meter.me system relies on long-range, low-power IoT networks. No more reliance on cellular, Wi-Fi, or wired networks.
– Power: running electricity for miles just to power sensors doesn’t always make sense. The meter.me system runs on either AC or DC, including solar or wind power at the device.

Each install equips you with the three essential meter.me components that get the results and accuracy you need: meter.base, meter.mote, and meter.sense. Add as many low-cost components as you need to build out a robust water monitoring system. All reporting data arrives via the cloud in the meter.me mobile app, available for both Android and iOS.

Water Monitoring Without Power or Internet. Yes, Really.

It sounds too good to be true, but thanks to the next-gen tech powering the meter.me solution, we really can deliver reliable water monitoring, even to areas with poor to nonexistent internet connectivity and no power.
Here’s how.
– The meter.base (a LoRaWAN gateway) that we deploy with each meter.me installation facilitates communication between the sensors on your water system and the meter.me cloud-based service platform.
– The base and devices create a long-range low-power network connection for transmitting sensor data to the meter.base.
– All meter.me motes, sensors, and bases can be powered via local solar, wind, or wired electricity.