We first recognized the problem of unmanaged, “invisible” rural water loss over a decade ago. But it wasn’t until 2018 that the right mix of technology came along to solve this problem in a holistic way.
We see a massive problem both at the macro (aquifer health) and micro (individual farmers who lack visibility) levels. The technology to solve these problems is here, and we’ve been testing it since 2018.
The results are in: meter.me is revolutionizing remote water monitoring through water loss detection and early detection of water issues for our early adopters. We can’t eliminate all water issues, but meter.me can alert you before a problem gets out of hand.
Our early customers are already calling meter.me “a life saver” that has “taken so much anxiety and work out of estimating water levels.” ___
Now we’ve assembled a team, and we’re ready to solve these problems at scale — starting in Northern California and rapidly expanding to other markets.