Donna Seabrooks

Country Home

Learn how overcame a lack of cellphone reception and electricity on Donna’s land to keep her alpacas watered and fed, and keep her home with family.

Mangels Vineyards


Gary once spent 20 hours a week manually managing the water for hundreds of acres of land. With, Gary manages his water remotely and reclaims precious time.

McQueeney Family

Small Farm

Meet the goats that make up Dan and Liz McQueeney’s fire suppression squad. These voracious eaters burn through hazardous overgrowth in Napa Valley, and keeps them safely watered at all times.

Castello di Amorosa


Find out how the beautiful Castillo Di Amorosa serves 1500+ guests daily, avoiding water disruptions and water loss with

Lagier Meredith Winery


Carole and Steve know practically everything there is to know about winemaking. How do they ensure they have enough water for both their 4-acre vineyard and home? They use, of course!

George Bachich

Country Home

Need to keep track of your water table? You could do what George Bachich did and use a manual bicycle pump to measure the barometric pressure of each well…or you could just get